Celebrating 55 years in Business.

Family owned, Carydale opened our doors in 1969. Today, we currently manage 655 apartments or townhomes and pride ourselves on having found success by providing a well-supplied apartment at an affordable price.

"In an area where you can find apartments on every corner, where do we stand out? Our customer service is how we retain renters and welcome new ones.”

Where you cannot control the supply in the market you can only control what you supply. Supplying is more than the residence; it's the service of the apartment and the wellbeing of our residents.


At Carydale we want to find residents who can afford our apartments in the Northern Virginia area. We use current technology to communicate, from owners to customer driven management, to execute a cost-effective service while maintaining the core principles of Fair Housing. Our leadership in management’s philosophy is to hold people above profits based on the Golden Rule. We, at Carydale, feel it is our responsibility to recruit, develop, motivate, reward and retain exceptional employees who feel and believe our function to society is to be a corporate citizen that lives in the local communities.


Carydale’s vision is to invest in our employees to aid a community motivated company focusing on the resident’s experience.


Carydale opened its doors in 1969. The name Carydale was created from a combination of names within the Weed family – “Ca” (daughter Carolyn), “ry” (daughter Sherry) and “Dale”, resulting in a company name brimming with pride.

Our first property was a small 10-unit building on 10th Road in Arlington. Recognized for exceptional property management, maintenance and an affordable residential opportunity, Carydale added to its portfolio rather quickly and have attracted new investors and financial institutions with their attention to detail and profitability.

Today, Carydale is a thriving company with communities in Alexandria, Arlington and Fairfax County. Most of the revenue gained from the rentals is recycled into renovations, management, maintenance and charitable donations.